About Ness Granite Works, Inc.

Ness Granite Works, Inc. is a family owned company that Andor B. Ness along with his Wife, the late Diane F. Ness (2004) established in 1981. In the beginning, Ness Granite Works, Inc. employed six employees. The original office was located East of Detroit Lakes on Hwy. 34. With continued growth of the company, they realized that additional room was needed for the office display and also for a larger areas for memorials to be manufactured.

An opportunity came up with an area of land that was located 3 1/2 miles North of Detroit Lakes on Highway 59. Together, Andy and Diane decided to move their operation to this location. With this additional growth of business and also the need for additional office and manufacturing personnel, they decided at this time to involve their children into the company. Their two daughters, Kelly and Kris work in the office with sales, designing and office details. Son's Andor Jr. and Casey work in the manufacturing end of the operation. Ness Granite Works, Inc. now employs 10 personnel. With additional need for office, manufacturing and inventory areas, we added a separate building that was used solely for the manufacturing end of business.

Ness Granite Works, Inc. has the largest indoor and outdoor display and inventory in the tri-state area. Our display is very accommodating with our Minnesota Weather. Ness Granite Works, Inc. is very proud of their quality workmanship. The utmost attention is given to every detail with each and every order that is placed with us. We have been "Thanked" time and time gain for the personal attention that we give our customers and our relaxed atmosphere, which allows them to make a decision on their own time. Personalized designs are available with over 10,000 designs in our computerized design system. Whatever type of design our customers would like, we are able to create. Another featured item we offer is state of the art laser designs with our in-house laser equipment.

Ness Granite Works, Inc. works directly with all of our customers, the majority of our customers are walk-in customers. We also do many orders over the phone. We are able to save customers money by dealing direct with them. Savings are made by not paying out commissions to salesmen and funeral homes. We deal direct with our customers allowing them to save additional costs without dealing with their funeral homes and salesman who's commissions are added to the cost.